We are a pretty dynamite team

Made up of an eclectic and outrageously amazing mix of creative technologies, out-of-the-ordinary scientists, not-your-every-day designers, beyond-coding developers, prolific entrepreneurs that call MOB and FabCafe home.

MEAT is powered by some of the most creative hubs in Barcelona and worldwide to bring to you the best of the best in every field. Highly curated international talents come together to bring to life what you have imagined for your company. We don't just create, we co-create, together with you to ensure compatibility and continuity. MEAT is brought to you by the creators of MOB and FabCafe Barcelona.


Creative Hub

Makers of Barcelona is the fastest growing creative community with over +200 talents ranging from creative technologist to data transformer, MOB houses some of the most outrageously talented individuals from all over the world.


Creative Community

11/2 Coffee Shop + 1/2 Digital Fabrication Lab, FabCafe serves an informal but high-powered hot house for all to discover, to explore and to create.  A local community of makers, designers and tech enthusiast along within a global platform, currently in Tokyo, Bangkok, and Barcelona.


Interactive Outcast

The first open innovation hub connection food, technology and co-creation. Located in MOB&PAU in Ronda Sant Pau 47, the new space is part kitchen lab, part popup kitchen, part event and part coworking. Open-innovation at its maximum.

Who we've had the pleasure of working with