TOGETHER, We Make Extremely Awesome Things.

We are an OPEN INNOVATION & CO-CREATIVE AGENCY powered by Europe’s leading maker/innovation hub, featuring 250+ designers, technologists, programmers, entrepreneurs, startups and corporates alike.

We work with big businesses to create meaningful innovation through co-creation by leveragin our community. We are at the core of the European Startup and Innovation community and work with a pragmatic approach to Innovation. No powerpoint, just MEAT.

Providing integrated service of seismic proportions for every project, big or small.

We guide your teams and company through the creation process of concepts to yield more profound innovation.

Innovation Hub

We create Innovation Hubs for companies and organisations like yours, openly, participatory and from within, to scouts and builds startups to co-create innovative products and services that are gear towards your sector.


Get up to speed on the latest and the most essential skill sets for you and your company to be able to innovate within.  We have a signature 2 day MAKE-TO-INNOVATE program that will get your company exploding with ideas in no time.

Integrated Services

Looking for a trusted organisation to take a complex project from 0 to 100?   Taping into MOB’s growing talent hub of creative, from designers, techies, to entrepreneurs, MEAT will curate and carry your innovative projects into fruition.

Customized Projects

Does your company have a design and/or technology related project in mind but lack the skills, resources and collaborators to make a real?   You can bring anything to the table and we will make something awesome for you!


Made up of an eclectic and outrageously amazing mix of creative technologies, out-of-the-ordinary scientists, not-your-every-day designers, beyond-coding developers, prolific entrepreneurs that call MOB and FabCafe home.


Creative Hub

Makers of Barcelona is the fastest growing creative community with over +200 talents ranging from creative technologist to data transformer, MOB houses some of the most outrageously talented individuals from all over the world.


Creative Community

11/2 Coffee Shop + 1/2 Digital Fabrication Lab, FabCafe serves an informal but high-powered hot house for all to discover, to explore and to create.  A local community of makers, designers and tech enthusiast along within a global platform, currently in Tokyo, Bangkok, and Barcelona.


Interactive Outcast

The first open innovation hub connection food, technology and co-creation. Located in MOB&PAU in Ronda Sant Pau 47, the new space is part kitchen lab, part popup kitchen, part event and part coworking. Open-innovation at its maximum.


  • Right at the heart of MOB
    Carrer Bailen 11, Bajos
    Barcelona 08010

    Ronda Sant Pau 47
    Barcelona 08015

  • (34) 93.667.4165